Friday, January 18, 2013

Wax Nostalgic With These Vintage Valentines

It's been just a few years since I've worried about a mass mailing of Valentine's Day greetings.  Actually for decades now it seems I've happily been able to get away with just handing out one.

But I remember those elementary school days of preparation, secrecy and giggles. The excitement began weeks ahead with the creation of special containers in which classmates would furtively deposit their messages to each other. 

How elaborate these were depended less on the talent of the student it seemed,  than it did on the enthusiasm of the teacher. Sometimes it was as simple as a decorated box, but I do recall making a rather intricate mailbox once.

Then there was so much time that needed to be spent ensuring the message was right for each person.  The wise teachers stopped any hurt feelings, insisting that students not exclude any child from their list, which could put charity to the test when you considered that nasty boy who relentlessly teased you during recess.  Somehow asking him to "Be Mine" or even saying "Hi Valentine" was a little strange. Of course, in the interesting ways of children,  this same boy was usually the one whose Valentine to you read 'From Your Secret Admirer".

Then there were the actual greetings themselves, cute little messages with sweet plays on words and charming characters. For anyone interested in a touch of nostalgia this Feb. 14, here's a vintage collection of illustrations that is sure to take you back: Vintage Valentines
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