Friday, June 14, 2013

Great Gag Cartoons for Father's Day

Father's Day is this Sunday, the time to honour and celebrate the first men in our lives.

Drawing on my own experience, as a daughter and a mother,  the times recognizing our parents are different.  For instance,  Mother's Day is all hearts and flowers, while  Dad generally gets less red-letter treatment.

Mom's gifts elicit oohs and aahs because they should. They are always perfect; after all, the choices are endless — books, perfume, candles, soaps, clothes, jewellery, spa treatments, on and on and on.  She also gets super excited about anything handmade.  Dad, conversely, seems to be much more difficult to buy for (think of the much joked-about tie).  Besides being of simple needs, the things he actually really does like (now think of boys and their toys) are generally beyond kids' budgets.

Whereas Mom gets breakfast in bed, Dad we take out to some local event served up by a service club, which, when you think of it, is actually more gift to his wife.

When purchasing the right card for a mother, people tend to lean towards the sentimental. The greetings for fathers, however, are more about the punch line.

The thing is they never seem to mind these discrepancies. They love, or pretend to love, the tie. They never complain about where they're eating as long as they're going to eat.  And who laughs the loudest at the goofy card?

So in keeping with their simple acceptance of everything on their big day, here are some gag cartoons with dads at the heart of them.

iCLIPART Gag Cartoons for Father's Day
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