Monday, December 30, 2013

Bid Goodbye to 2013 with Gusto

Well, all the fun of Christmas is behind us and we now look ahead to another new year. 

The holidays for me were perfect; counting my blessings each day was easy as they were apparent at every turn.  Family surrounded me, a bounty of gifts spoiled me, the abundance of food and drink flowed. It was all a reminder of how fortunate I am to enjoy so much.

And there's more to come as the fun and infusion of a hectic social life is far from over. Tomorrow is New Year's Eve, a time to celebrate and reflect, positively.  What's the point of resolutions we have no intention or probability of keeping, thereby setting ourselves up to fail?  I try not to think on what I didn't accomplish, what goals I haven't met. Instead I let the fading of an old year into a new one be more about recalling all the good things that happened over the previous 12 months and anticipating more of the same for the next 12.

Sure, life can be a spoiler. We never know what tomorrow might throw our way. But the company of good friends to celebrate with ensures I ring out the old year with nothing but joy for what has been and hope for what will be.  Far better to assume the best and bid goodbye to 2013 with gusto. Just like the happy revellers in these festive photos: New Year's Party Photos
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