Thursday, March 6, 2014

Want to Learn to Draw?

Way back in 1968, my friends and I had entered high school. It was an interesting era for us; young girls raised by conservative parents in moderate times, we now sat on the cusp of cultural, societal and moral change. We still took home ec classes while the boys went to the tech wing, but the notion that we could be lawyers, doctors or bosses if we chose was starting to take hold.

Where just a few years before, young women planning their futures typically chose office work, nursing or marriage. Now my peers and I could let our desire and imagination direct us down all career paths.  I was fascinated by the world of journalism, still not exactly thinking out of the box. A friend of mine, however, saw herself as a fashion designer, doing illustrations of young girls in mod clothes, typical of what most of us were wearing.

Fascinated by this creativity and by her romantic choice of profession, I began copying her drawings. What came as a big surprise to me was, with the exception of the hands, I  was not that bad.  At the time that this said more about her limited talent than it did about me actually having any was  lost. What was found, however, was a love for doodling.

For many, such a habit can lead to a hobby, a passion or a career. All must begin somewhere though, so here are some great drawing tutorials from our Pinterest Drawing Tutorials
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