Monday, June 16, 2014

How to Self-Publish Your Book

Once upon a time... 

I had the idea that I would one day write a bestseller.  My imagination was vivid,  I delighted in  good writing and loved to spin out a short story or two of my own from time to time.

In high school, there was enough encouragement from teachers to suspect that I could perhaps give it a try, but a detour into journalism meant more time spent detailing facts than creatively turning words into fiction.

Back in the day when this plan was first forming, too, one had little option for publishing unless someone read what you wrote, and liked what they read. The cost to self-publish was high and without a big-name firm attached to your work, the chances of even a modicum of success were unlikely.

Big publishing is no longer necessary to bring your work to the attention of others, however.  As with so many things these days the internet has provided opportunities for all would-be authors to realize their dream and potential. While there are options for publishing physical books that are affordable,  the most popular method these days seems to be the eBook.  And with the wealth of online sources for images there's no big outlay of cash to have your published work illustrated.

If seeing your work in print has always been a dream of yours here are a number of informative sites to get you started in the self-publishing business:

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