Thursday, August 14, 2014

Top Tips for Concert Photography

I feel pretty fortunate to have grown up in the 1960s. It was an amazing, admittedly sometimes scary, time — a decade of growth and change.

A lot of that came from the music we listened to and the bands that created it.  They and the songs they gave us were our voice, speaking out politically and emotionally. They protested against violence, oppression and injustice. They praised love, freedom and unity. And we were thrilled to listen.

Concerts were big events for us as we took every opportunity and travelled any distance to see the groups we loved and hear the songs that moved us. Just as they are today these were chaotic places with wildly excited youths crowded into darkened auditoriums. In our version of a mosh pit,  where fans, though loud and boisterous, were usually considerate of everyone's space,  we shouted and sang along to anthemic lyrics, gyrated and swayed to tunes that captured our souls.

What was significantly different than today, however, was the absence of cameras. They were not only too cumbersome, but not permitted. Now, we have the cellphone and  trying to stop people from taking pictures or shooting video is almost impossible, so we all have the potential to grab that "I was there" photo, once the exclusive right of professionals.

Not that they're usually any good.  Lighting conditions and sitting too far back in a room filled with thousands don't contribute to award-winning pictures. Even if you're lucky enough to be in the first row, it can still be a challenge.

If you have managed though, despite the interesting conditions, to get some great shots and think it might be something you'd like to pursue more seriously (it is, after all, an excellent way to get into shows free) here are some expert tips:

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