Thursday, May 7, 2015

Create a Photo Collage for Mom

Mother's Day is just a few days away and you've completely reached panic mode. There's not enough money in the world to get a gift worthy of the woman who gave you life, sacrificed and guided.

She is your shoulder to cry on, your confidante, your advisor.  She loves you unconditionally but lets you follow your dreams even if they lead you away from her. How can you possibly come up with the perfect way to honour her?

My advice? As a mother of four I know that the most precious gifts from my children are the ones that are all about them. A surprise visit for no reason other than me,  a mother/daughter outing or a mom/son lunch are guaranteed to brighten my life far more than something extravagant. 

Photos of my kids are also on the list of favourites.  I love those pictures revisited from the past, where siblings take old poses and stage them again.

Another nifty idea is a collage, whether it's a walk down memory lane or a group of family portraits.  The nice part is that these are easy to do in Photoshop with just a basic understanding of the software.  With some great images from I've put together a collage for Mom.

I selected a soft ocean background (#615628) to begin. After opening a new 10" x 8" document in Photoshop, I open the illustration and dragged it onto the page. This is the first layer. (It's good to rename each layer as you do it to make it easier to work with them. Simply double click on the layer name to do this.)

If you need to change the size use Edit > Transform > Scale. Hold down the Shift key and move the edge of the picture until you get the size you want then hit Return.

The photos of the family are #220178, #220950, #221475, #220475 from the website.  To place the first picture, I clicked on the background layer, went to File > Place and made my selection. After renaming the layer, I added a small frame. The steps for this were Layer Style > Stroke, after which I selected the size and colour I prefered. Then I simply repeated the steps for the rest of the photos.

As I was happy with the results at this point,  there was no need to angle any of the pictures, but if you would like to do so choose Edit > Transform > Rotate.

Nothing, fancy, super simple but guaranteed to make some special woman's Mother's Day.
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