Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Free Photoshop Resources

Everywhere you turn these days you'll be seeing promotions for back-to-school. It's the time of year for bargains on school supplies and fashions.

I used to love those mall outings with my kids in the dying vacation days before a new term began —  despite male contrariness. The hours involved a lot of grumbling from the boys and plenty of enthusiasm from the girls as clothes were dumped into change rooms. My requests to come out and model each outfit were met eagerly by my daughters; with my sons I generally had to take them at their word that things fit.

Perusing the aisles for pencils, papers and books really wasn't that much different as the girls typically made  a list and the boys had no idea what they needed.  A summer filled with freedom had left little room in those male heads for any practical exercise.

Despite the boys' recalcitrance, there were always plenty of laughs. There was good-natured teasing and the sharing of inside jokes, often at my expense. The distaste in my mouth over losing the battle on where to have lunch and finding myself at McDonald's, was soothed watching my children's enjoying time spent together.

I generally hated to see the day end.

Especially since arriving home  gave me time to take stock of the economic impact of this shopping extravaganza. While bargain hunting had been the order of the day, it still did cost a lot of money to get the job done.  Nothing comes that cheap.

So, as everyone's out spending money in the next few weeks getting their youngsters and teens in fashion-fit condition,  seeing that backpacks have all the necessary supplies and kitchens are stocked with lunchbox essentials, I thought it might be a good time to throw out the word free. Check out iCLIPART.COM and's Pinterest page for Photoshop resources that won't cost you a penny.
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