Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pumpkin Patch Family Photo Tips and Poses

The other day someone said the 'S' word to me.  On a glorious autumn day, one replete with all the things we typically enjoy in summer, plus the best of the new season, someone found it necessary to burst the bubble. "They're saying we're getting snow by the middle of October and it's not leaving."

Given that 'they' say a lot of things and if we're to assume in this case 'they' are the same meteorologists who have trouble predicting what's coming tomorrow, I'm not too worried.  With us heading into October without yet experiencing the cold and damp that can happen at this time of year, I'm going to hold onto the notion that maybe Mother Nature is going to cut us some slack. Autumn can be such a pretty time of year I'd hate to think it was going to get pushed out early by Old Man Winter.

There's a lot to love about this transitional space between the sunny heat and the bitter cold — the bold hues of the changing landscape, fewer bugs and sunny days with no humidity.

With the welcome addition of spouses and babies to our clan, a decision was made that we would have family portraits taken every two years. They are always outdoors and always in the fall. We have used our yard, our daughter's woodlot, the beach and a local conservation area as the setting.

Oddly, however, we have never considered another opportunity that happens this time of year. What better place for autumn pictures, especially when little ones are involved, than in a pumpkin patch?  It's definitely on the list for the next fall photo session. Here are some sites I found offering helpful tips and poses:

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