Thursday, February 11, 2016

360 Amazing Love and Romance Animations

Hearts beat, lovers cuddle, cupid strikes.

There's nothing about love and romance that's static.  Even gazing into someone's eyes requires a certain amount of eyelash batting.

When you think about it, the emotions themselves are ever moving. There is an ebb and flow to love. At times it is as gentle as the soft ripple of a lake on a still morning, at others it hits with all the force of a tsunami.

Having been married for several decades I'm quite familiar with how love changes throughout the course of a couple's life together.  To stick with the clichéd, if you're together long enough, it's not always going to be clear sailing.  Any partners that say otherwise are either fibbing intentionally or have low expectations.

Given that our personal existence is full of highs and lows,  it's bound to to be the same when you try to co-exist with another.  You might love each other, but as I said, the form of that love will be ever changing.  Even day to day. A cold shoulder on Monday, warm lips on Tuesday.

So as I find myself pondering love and romance in the time leading up to Valentine's Day,  as I consider all of the actions that define and describe it, it seemed most appropriate to highlight animated images. Here's a great collection from Animation Factory:

Valentine's Day Animations
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