Thursday, February 25, 2016

Tips for Taking Great Friend Photos

"Good friends are like stars. You don't always see them, but you know they are there."  — Christy Evans

A dear friend and I have been trying to get together for an outing since November.  Life, however, has been getting in the way. Our first date was cancelled because of a forgotten appointment; the second as a result of a funeral. One can only hope the third time's the charm and tomorrow will go as planned.

One of the reasons we have to schedule our dates is distance. Though we only live an hour apart, it's enough, given the other influences that fill our time. While she's retired I'm still among the gainfully employed which certainly limits options. And, with our kids and grandchildren still thankfully needing us for this and that, we have to prioritize even time with good friends a little further down the list.

Gratefully, though, we both feel the same way about making the effort. Friendships are too important to let go and the long history attached to ours makes it even more worthy of preserving. We first met through our mutual love of singing members of a chorale group.  We soon realized we actually had many things in common, while we also admired the other's unique traits.

When the group ceased to exist we suddenly found ourselves in the position of no longer seeing each other on a regular basis. It took us a while to build a routine that would keep us in touch, but we've managed.

When we do get together now,  making the most of the day or evening isn't something we have to work at. Our friendship spans decades, has seen us through everything from worrying about our kids to grieving the loss of our parents.  We have seen each other at our worst and really don't care.  We share a dirty sense of humour, strong family values and that love of music.

Her gregarious personality complements my more introverted self.  She is outgoing, charming and full of life. A day with her is an excellent reminder to me to smile and let go.  Conversely, she says,  I keep her grounded. (Sometimes, I think she actually should be.)

Over the years, of course, our times together have been chronicled photographically. Though perhaps there were a few that might have been better not preserved for posterity.

Regardless, when there have been too many days between our visits, it's always a treat to take a look back and remember the fun of a particular outing.

Also, as it is any time I think about the pictures I've taken over the years, I find myself wondering how I might have done a better job.  Here are some tips that might help answer that question:

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