Wednesday, March 30, 2016

How to Take Beautiful Spring Photos

For outdoor photography, spring is a wonderful season. The landscape is an ever-changing palette, a constantly-altered playground.

Each morning as I head out the door I see a new sprout of green in a flowerbed. The tiny buds on trees are becoming more visible, the grass more green. The trill of robins and cardinals makes the need for music piping through earbuds obsolete, since their song is far superior to anything manufactured.

Squirrels sprint, cats prowl,  happy to be in gardens now bursting to life. Soon there will be colour and foliage to run through and hide amongst.

The season's capricious weather also adds interest, with sprinkles and puddles one day, sun glinting of dewy, damp leaves the next.

For photographers whose favourite subject is nature, the possibilities are endless. Given that, where to look and what to seek, then making the most of that, are the only challenges in taking great spring pictures.

Since temperatures have warmed, I've wandered out into the garden on a quiet morning, sat quietly to soak in the enlivening atmosphere. As I noticed a bug crawling up a tiny bud of green, I thought I should take a picture.  As I notice the sun sparkling off the dew I thought what a pretty picture that is.  As a robin stopped by to perch on the railing of my deck, I thought what a a fool I am for not having my camera to take a picture.

Getting outdoors to enjoy the new blossoming world is a great way to spend a day. Taking a camera outside with you makes it even better.

Here are some great tips to help you find your subjects and improve your spring photography skills:

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