Tuesday, July 12, 2016

100 Adorable Birthday Animations

July, it seems, is party month.

The team at Vital Imagery Ltd.,  is happily celebrating 10 years of delivering top-quality online images to customers for business and personal use.  Two of my colleagues have marked their special days this month, while there have been several celebrants among our collective offspring.

And as the light fades on July's final sultry days, our family will be making merry at our granddaughter's birthday bash.  Little Missy is turning four and the occasion will be highlighted, of course, with games, cake and ice-cream, followed by an evening campfire and fireworks. 

Summer birthdays are best. The weather is conducive to outdoor activities, a much preferred situation compared to guests being crammed indoors. Even on rainy days there are typically breaks that allow for a bit of fresh air.

So, in planning  Missy's day, our daughter has always taken full advantage of the great outdoors.  The festivities should be the perfect way to end off a month replete with special celebrations.

With so much fun crammed in to four short weeks, it's hard not to be in the party mood. There's probably nothing that conveys that vibe better than birthday animations. From noisemakers and balloons to candles on cakes and happy children they can all be found in this adorable collection from Animation Factory
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