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Free Weather Clip Art and Icons!

Our new site, is now online and offering free weather clip art. We'll be adding more images on a regular basis so if weather clipart is of interest to you, add it to your favorites and check back often. --Fred

Last Chance for Christmas Clipart!

Can you believe it? MORE FREE CHRISTMAS CLIPART! It just never ends... Merry Christmas!!! --Fred

More Free Christmas Clip Art!

A few more free Christmas clip art images for your holiday joy... --Fred

Free Birthday Clip Art

Announcing a brand new clip art site: This site is just starting out but there are already a nice selection of birthday party related clipart images available with more being added daily. --Fred

Free Christmas Tree Clip Art Pictures

Image I think I'll just stick with giving away free Christmas clip art until we get past, "The Happiest Time of the Year", at least for the most part. Today, free Christmas Tree clip art images: ...but don't forget that you need to link back if you use these online. Click a Christmas Tree to go to the page to get terms-of-use, links and larger images. --Fred - The Clip Art Guy

More Great Christmas Clip Art

Lots more free Christmas Clip Art being added over at and here are a few samples... Merry Christmas! --Fred

Free Flower Clip Art

Free flower clip art, including flower photos are offered here with a link back. These flower pictures are also available to be license and most can be made into prints. --Fred

Pictures of Hawaii

It's cold out so go visit Pictures Of to warm up or at least to give your mind a break from work and cold weather. This site offers many free pictures of Hawaii, both clip art and photos. Here are a few samples... Ahhh...Honolulu, Maui, Hana, Haleakala...Hawaii! --Fred

Clipart Clip Art?

Image Clipart or Clip art...which is it? Actually there is twice as much clip art here, plus they have "Freddy the Clipart Fiend," who keeps an eye on you to make sure you don't steal any clip art that isn't free. In fact, this is a great clip art site that offers lots of Royalty-Free clip art images as well as free clipart for a linkback. Featured right now is Thanksgiving clip art and the turkey looks good enough to eat, plus there are pilgrims, cornucopia, harvest images, live turkeys, roasted turkeys and lots more food. All in all it's a great clip art site. --Fred

Clip Art Christmas Launches

Check out our new Christmas Clip Art site currently offering free Christmas and Holiday Clip art Images at We'll be adding many new Christmas images right away and then on up until Christmas so check back often. --Fred

Computer Clip Art

Little time today so just hop on over to Computer Clip to get some free computer clipart or to find some low cost subscription images. There is a wide variety here with an emphasis on computer related subjects. -Fred

Animal Photos for Free!

Okay, it's not strictly clip art but does offer free animal photos as well as animal clip art images. Animal photos include a wide variety of animals including: dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, horses, seals and sea lions, monkeys, bears, butterflies...well, you get the idea. --Fred

Free Cartoon Clip Art!

FREE CARTOON CLIP ART ? Yes, and all it takes is a link back, otherwise you will have to purchase a license. is a fun, fresh clip art site that has new cartoon clip art daily or most every day and this is good, copyright-safe clipart, not "we found it on the web and deny any responsibility" clip art like you often come across. There is lots of animal cartoon clip art, people clipart, objects such as cars, trucks and other vehicles, and look to the right sidebar for links to many other cartoon clip art sites. --Fred

Wonderful Clip Art From Pamela Perry

I've had the pleasure of watching Pamela develop her clip art making skill and by clicking on over to Pam's Clip Art you can see all of her clipart illustrations too, and for a limited time she is offering free use of her clip art images in exchange for a link back. Of course you'll have to read the terms-of-use on her site to get the details. --Fred

Office Clip Art

Today's featured site is office offerring free office clip art images with a link back, or a license may be purchased if you prefer not to link back or are using the images for commercial use offline. --Fred

Free Hawaii Clip Art Pictures

We're adding lots of FREE CLIP ART PICTURES to Pictures of . We offer plenty of photos from my various trips to the beautiful Hawaiian Islands and now we're uploading some excellent Hawaii clip art images. Aloha!

Food Clip Art

For a limited time, Food Clip is offering FREE FOOD CLIP ART! Most of the delicious food clip art images offered at Food Clip Art are by Pamela Perry. You can see much more of Pamela's work at Pams Clip . --Fred

Christmas Clip Art Already?

Christmas Clip Art Already? Yes, if you have a commercial website that offers a product or service you have probably been focusing on Christmas for some time now so don't forget the Christmas clip art . New Christmas clipart images are added daily. Here are a few examples of what you'll find... any of the images to go to

Clip Art from Chud Tsankov

Great cartoon clip art from Chud Tsankov at You have to check out this guy's illustrations, as Tony The Tiger would say, They're GREAT! Chud has a cartoony style that is easily recognizable and his clip art images are always fun to view. Let me know if you know of a site or would like your site reviewed. -Fred

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!

Image has been in the top 5 for the term, 'pictures' when searching Google, at least during the day - drops way back at night and on weedends. We've been updating it and plan on a gradual overhaul to make it the single best place to go online to get PICTURES, clip art and even video. We've added links on the homepage to many of our free pictures websites, with much more to come. Go...enjoy... pictures .... I love to trade links or feature sites outside of our network so feel free to contact me. Just remember, give a link, THEN ask for a link. Fred

The Clip Art Site of The Day is...

Image We have revamped the site and you can now get FREE HALLOWEEN CLIP ART for both commercial and personal use. Commercial use does require a link back. We're featuring the Clip Art of Chud Tsankov at the moment but there's a pretty good variety of styles to choose from and we'll be focusing on putting more free Halloween clipart images up until Sunday. Here's an example of Chud's excellet work... If you ever need to find it just Google, "halloween clip art" and it should be right there at the top. Have an image or site you want featured? Send me a url and I'll take a look. Fred - Your Humble Blogger

New Site: People Clipart

Great new clipart site with free clipart images at