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Free Cartoon Clip Art!

FREE CARTOON CLIP ART ? Yes, and all it takes is a link back, otherwise you will have to purchase a license. is a fun, fresh clip art site that has new cartoon clip art daily or most every day and this is good, copyright-safe clipart, not "we found it on the web and deny any responsibility" clip art like you often come across. There is lots of animal cartoon clip art, people clipart, objects such as cars, trucks and other vehicles, and look to the right sidebar for links to many other cartoon clip art sites. --Fred

Wonderful Clip Art From Pamela Perry

I've had the pleasure of watching Pamela develop her clip art making skill and by clicking on over to Pam's Clip Art you can see all of her clipart illustrations too, and for a limited time she is offering free use of her clip art images in exchange for a link back. Of course you'll have to read the terms-of-use on her site to get the details. --Fred