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Clipart Clip Art?

Image Clipart or Clip art...which is it? Actually there is twice as much clip art here, plus they have "Freddy the Clipart Fiend," who keeps an eye on you to make sure you don't steal any clip art that isn't free. In fact, this is a great clip art site that offers lots of Royalty-Free clip art images as well as free clipart for a linkback. Featured right now is Thanksgiving clip art and the turkey looks good enough to eat, plus there are pilgrims, cornucopia, harvest images, live turkeys, roasted turkeys and lots more food. All in all it's a great clip art site. --Fred

Clip Art Christmas Launches

Check out our new Christmas Clip Art site currently offering free Christmas and Holiday Clip art Images at We'll be adding many new Christmas images right away and then on up until Christmas so check back often. --Fred

Computer Clip Art

Little time today so just hop on over to Computer Clip to get some free computer clipart or to find some low cost subscription images. There is a wide variety here with an emphasis on computer related subjects. -Fred

Animal Photos for Free!

Okay, it's not strictly clip art but does offer free animal photos as well as animal clip art images. Animal photos include a wide variety of animals including: dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, horses, seals and sea lions, monkeys, bears, butterflies...well, you get the idea. --Fred