Becoming a Microstocker

So you have a creative side.  Possessing a talent in the arts is a wonderful gift,  being able to share the beauty you create with others.

However,  the reality for the majority of artistic people is that regardless of how talented they may be,  making a living can actually be more about marketing.  Whether you are a musician,  artist or photographer,  getting your name out there, understanding your work, and effectively pushing your 'product' is not just a top priority,  but an ongoing process.

This is no less true in the field of microstock.  In a 2011 interview, well-known Danish microstocker Yuri Arcurs shared his view that the industry has become exceptionally competitive and is tough to break into.  He did, however, have some advice for those eager to give it a try,  including the type of work that sells well,  and how to find models.

You can read his interview with Michael Zhang here:  PetaPixel Interview  and follow this link to read one from July, 2012 with Alex Croft:  Hunchmag Yuri Arcurs Interview .

As well, the following sites offer tips to help you show your creative side to the microstock world:

DPS Tips for Microstock Photography

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