Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

Well, here's some good news for all you turkey fans. This Monday is the Canadian Thanksgiving, which means a long weekend of feasting with family for the Canucks, while cross-border travelling Americans can seize an opportunity to celebrate twice.  Canada's Thanksgiving, officially established in 1879, received some inspiration from the U.S. holiday. However, history implies that the celebration of the harvest actually first began north of the border.  When early Europeans came to Canada they brought with them the tradition of giving thanks for their blessings by filling a horn of plenty or cornucopia with agricultural bounty.  Arriving in the country in 1578,  English navigator Martin Frobisher, held a formal ceremony on the east coast in gratitude for surviving the long expedition.  Others arrived in his wake and continued the tradition. In 1621 explorer Samuel de Champlain, along with the French settlers who followed him, held feasts of thanksgiving, also sharing food with their Native neighbours.  Halifax citizens held a special day of Thanksgiving in 1763 and Americans, who remained loyal to England,  moved to Canada during the revolution and shared their message of Thanksgiving.  So in recognition of this meaningful occasion,  we are sharing links to some beautiful photos and fun images which convey the sentiments of love and gratitude that are so much a part of this very special holiday, no matter what side of the border you're on.  And as you'll want to capture the best moments of your own family time, there is also a link from the New York Institute of Photography telling you how to take those perfect photos.

nyip.com Capture Thanksgiving on Camera

iCLIPART.com Thanksgiving photos

Acclaim Images Thanksgiving photos

Thanksgiving clipart

Photobucket Happy Thanksgiving


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