Picture Perfect Travel Photography

Received a phone call the other night. My sister and brother-in-law had reached the sunny south and were checking in before taking a late afternoon dip in the pool.

How nice of them to let me know. Out my window was a grey damp day,  leaves knocked from the trees by a fearless wind.  And thoughts of what is soon to come made the notion of warmer climates attractive indeed.

However, with field glasses still necessary for me to glimpse retirement on the horizon,  I must for now live vicariously through stunningly beautiful photographs.  For the fortunate folk who get to travel far and wide,  time spent in vacation spots is wonderful, but like most things in this hastily-passing life,  all too fleeting. Photography gives us the means to relive those treasured times and perfect places.  Of course,  you want them to be as artistically and aesthetically appealing as possible, so here are a few sites to help you achieve that: 

DPS Shake Up Your Travel Photography

National Geographic Travel Photography Tips

Photoble 10 Travel Photography Tips

DGW's Photography Tips You Shouldn't Leave Home Without


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