Taking your best shot

As a weekend photographer I have tremendous respect for folks who work their magic with a camera lens.
My two decades as the busy editor of a humble weekly newspaper, essentially a writer handed a camera, honed my instincts for seeing and grabbing the opportunity. 
No one was more surprised than I when this rewarded me with a darn good picture. It only served to increase my respect for those gifted people who look at the world around them and manage to give it even more impact or beauty than it naturally possesses. 
Photography is a combination of talent and education. What I lack of the former I more than make up for with enthusiasm to learn. Here are just a few useful sites I've found in my quest to improve,  that may also help you take your best shot:

Digital Photography School's Photo Tutorials

photo.tutsplus Helpful Photography Tutorials

cambridgeincolour.com tutorials

smashingmagazine.com Photography Techniques


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