The Fun and Imagery of Halloween

With the Canadian Thanksgiving behind us and the American holiday still more than a month away,  thoughts sway from feasts of bounty to bountiful goodies.

Celebrated in the fading twilight of October's last day, Halloween is abundant in imagination and fun. Creatively carved, the jack-o-lantern eerily lights the way for youngsters clad in costumes sweet and sinister.  Creepy sounds emanate from homes bedecked with spooks, spiders and skeletons, the goosebumps lessened by the gleeful cries of "Trick or treat" as revellers make their way from door to door. 

Such entertaining images have been recreated for use in your unique holiday projects,  for the purpose of everything from decoration to education.  A web search will easily uncover these magical Halloween illustrations on a variety of sites, a sampling of which we offer here: Halloween images

Acclaim Images Halloween collection Halloween images

Microsoft Halloween images

Halloween Clipart on Pinterest


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