Cleaning Up Outside for Winter

This past Sunday was one of those rare gifts from Mother Nature, a balmy November day,  designed I suppose to give you one last chance to get all of that necessary outdoor work completed before winter drops its blanket.

Having taken a page from an article I read recently, which suggested not clipping and cutting to benefit birds and aesthetic appeal  (we'll see how that went this spring I guess) we were facing a little less to do than in previous years. However, even with that in mind and the fact that plenty had already been done, it was amazing how many tasks remained to finally put our outdoor living spaces to bed.  Not taking advantage of the perfect day just couldn't happen. 

So, I set my fearless warrior to the necessary tasks — gutters were cleaned,  the last leaves were raked and the flowerbeds got a makeover as plants were transplanted. 

As misery loves company here are some inspiring photos and entertaining images of others attacking the autumn 'honey-do' list: 

Acclaim Images Yardwork Images Yardwork Images


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