Collections of Friends

In a rich life, there us one collection you have that will be diverse,  each part uniquely interesting, the value dependent upon the need. These parts will come in different shapes, sizes and colours, their talents as varied as their appearance. When it comes to playtime, to needing comfort, to enjoying shared interests,  it is your circle of friends you can call and count on.

When you take a look at the people you proudly call friends, it is likely that they do each mean something different to you.  There is the friend you can call when you just need someone to listen, but if you're looking for a fun night on the town, you would look to someone else.  There are the girls you shop with, the guys you drink with, the pal who loves to fish, the one who loves the opera.  There are friends who open your mind, and others whose silliness keeps you in stitches.  What is consistent is, that while friends come and go,  their absence in your life is usually missed.

Friendship is undoubtedly a blessing.  Here are some fun photo collections showing it in its various forms: Friends

Art of Manliness a Photo History Friends Pose for Same Picture for 30 Years


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