Colouring Christmas Images

With heads full this time of year — of  Santa and sleigh, gifts and goodies, naughty and nice — it's little wonder youngsters can be a tad excited.  Taking their thoughts away from Christmas isn't an easy task, despite what other tasks need to be addressed.  Heck, with so much build-up (the hype begins practically on the heels of Halloween now) I even find it difficult to focus on anything else.

That's why gearing kids' activities to the holiday season is a bit of a help.  Creating a crafty Christmas present for Mom is sure to be more interesting right now than working on just any old project. Getting your child's hands into a batch of shortbread batter, rather than modelling clay, is always fun.  And colouring a picture of Santa is probably going to keep youngsters entertained much longer these days than colouring some less festive-themed image.

So, if you're looking for a resource for the latter, here are two great sites with lots of options to keep busy minds and hands on task while you're busy decorating, baking and wrapping: Christmas Colouring Pages

Crayola Christmas Colouring Pages


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