Finding the Right Lenses

A young musician from the Czech Republic was a special guest at our home for a day this past summer.  A member of the punk group Criminal Colection he was in Canada having finished a special performance in Montreal, after which the boys decided to extend the trip and visit their Ontario friend, our son. 

While the band has attained relative success, Tomas is wise enough not to put all his eggs in one basket, and is studying film at university.  To prove that his passions are diversified, in addition to his drum kit, he sported some fairly impressive photographic equipment with him on this trip.   What really caught my attention was the fish eye lens. I loved the effect and thought of the many scenic shots I've taken that would have been so much more interesting with this little gem. 

Sadly,  I shall remain covetous as the price is not something this amateur picture snapper can justify.

It does remind, however, that beyond the talent to capture the shot and the ability to alter the finished image with software, lies the gadgetry and techniques a photographer can use to enhance the picture-taking process.  To read some suggestions and see some options,  here are a few sites that may be of interest:

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