Landscape Photography Tips

Landscapes and skylines may be beautiful,  but when I'm the one with a camera, a picture isn't a picture without a person in it. 

Going way back to one of the first trips my husband and I took together,  I remember having a rather negative view of his photographic subjects.  He was forever pointing the camera at nature and vistas, which I argued at the time would have little meaning down the road if we didn't have a familiar face in the shots as well.  For the record I assume it was this attitude that has led to me now being the one always behind the camera when we travel. It would seem that finding fault isn't a great idea unless you want the job yourself.

But I digress. When we go back in our albums now,  it would at first seem that I was right, that it's the shots of friends and family giving us the most enjoyment, while the ones of places are flipped through with little interest paid to them.  However, experience has since prompted a more honest look. The reason our landscape photos are given short shrift just may very well be that neither of us really knew how to take great ones. After all,  I doubt that anyone has ever ignored an Ansel Adams landscape.

I will, of course, still be the one taking the photos full of family and friends.  I wonder, though if we'd had these helpful links might our landscape pictures have been every bit as memorable as the ones with all those faces I love in them?

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