Seeing Weather at Its Worst

Having thankfully experienced just the fringe benefits of the catastrophic Hurricane Sandy earlier this week, Mother Nature and her omnipotent power have never been far from my thoughts.  Also, like so many others, I am thinking of, and praying for, the people of the eastern American States and further south, who were her victims.

Seeing the devastation left  in the wake of this formidable tempest, in various forms  –  flood, power outages, fires, sand – was both awesome and terrifying.  When our world is calm it's a wondrous place. But angry too, it has undeniable beauty. 

The darkening sky and swirling clouds of an impending tornado, or an electrifying light show against an evening backdrop,  are just some of the formidably mesmerizing images that can really get our attention. 

And often, have us running for cover.  Mother Nature behaving badly, after all,  is only beautiful from a distance.  For the best way to see weather at its worst check out the impressive photos on these sites:

National Geographic Tornadoes

Stormy Weather Gallery

DPS Electrifying Lightning Images

National Geographic Hurricanes

National Geographic Wildfires

Reuters Weather Around the World


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