Snow Much Fun

Well, it arrived this past weekend.  Sure, it was to be expected, but it still doesn't make me any more of a fan. As usual my initial response was to huddle inside and pretend it wasn't happening.

I wasn't always like this. When I was a child the first snowfall of the year was cause for celebration. I was eager to bundle up and run outside to enjoy different kinds of outdoor activities than those popular in warm weather — building snowmen, making snow angels and constructing snow forts. My friends and I waged battle from behind the walls of icy fortresses, lobbing snowballs back and forth with surprisingly superb marksmanship.  (This, of course, was back in the day when it was considered fun, not violent).

In those days, actually, when it came to snow, the more, the better. It was necessary for skating, skiing, snowshoeing, sledding. Cold, what cold.  Being outdoors was fresh and fun.

Then I grew up, and nights of driving home from work through a haze of blowing and drifting snow quickly ended my love affair. It was akin to swimming through a milk bottle, a white, dense space with no idea where I or anything else was.  Further taking the romance out of the relationship was the shovelling, scraping and shivering.

However,  I can't deny even now that there is a certain beauty to a fresh snowfall.  A new blanket of  white brings a clean look to the grey reality of fall's final days, and the crisp air refreshes the lungs.  Now perhaps these photo collections will remind me of its beauty and again of how great it is to play in it too. Snow Fun Photo Collection

Acclaim Images Snow Collection

National Geographic Your Snow Pictures

NZ House & Garden Readers' Snow Photos


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