Winter Photography Tips

Winter fun was a topic in an earlier blog this week,  which included links to some wonderful photo collections of people enjoying the season outdoors. So, now that I've convinced everyone, and perhaps myself, how great it is to play in the snow, it seemed appropriate to discuss capturing those times for posterity.

My hubby has always loved snowmobiling. On the excursions years ago when, young and foolish, I was able to be tempted to hit the trails with him,  his request was always that I ride along with the camera too.  He could never get enough of winter photos,  especially on one of those perfect days— cold, crisp and clear,  the  dazzling sun surrounded by an azure sky,  the snaking groomed paths cutting through sparkling snow.

Unfortunately, our photographic remembrances of these times are a little hit and miss.  There are unique challenges in winter weather conditions — snowflakes on the lens, keeping the lens from fogging up and tricky lighting to name just a few — that sadly turned what I'd hoped would be a great shot into just another landscape picture.  Too bad I didn't have these helpful sites then:

PictureCorrect Tips for Taking Great Winter Photos

Digital Picture Zone Brilliant Ideas to Take Pictures of Winter Landscapes

Digital Photography School Photography in Extreme Cold

NY Institute of Photography Winter Photography Tips

Digital Camera World Winter Photography Tips

Shutterbug 10 Cool Winter Photography Tips


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