How to Photograph Your Christmas Tree

It happens every year. My early prep work for the next day is complete and the quiet of Christmas Eve wraps itself around me. Snuggled in a comfy chair, soft seasonal music sighing through the speakers, I take in the atmosphere and enjoy that one last look at the tree in its full splendour, gifts piled high beneath, twinkling lights casting a warm glow throughout the room. I must, I say late into the hours, take a picture.

Grabbing my trusty camera I set up, keeping in mind the interesting photographic conditions in place. My mind's eye knows the type of picture I want, each and every year. And each and every year the results fail to live up to expectations. Lighting the room certainly doesn't give the effect I'm going for, but plunging the room into darkness, in the hopes of capturing the lovely luminescence,  often gives me a faintly outlined tree with blurry specks of yellow.

So this year, in the hope of finally capturing the same gentle ambience photographically that I see when not looking through the camera lens,  I decided to do a little research. Here are some helpful tips I found:

Elizabether Halford Photograph How to Photograph Your Chrismtas Tree

How to Photograph Your Christmas Tree Video Tutorial 

NY Institute of Photography Take Great Photos of Holiday Lights

Strobist How to Photograph Christmas Lights


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