How to Pose Your Perfect Family Pictures

Well,  the Christmas season is in full swing with gatherings galore.  Company parties, quiet dinners with special friends, and — best of all — the love and warmth of family home for the holidays,  bring us close to folks near and dear. Recording these times for posterity is an important part of the festive season.

Truth be told I probably drive my kids nuts at Christmas, snapping pictures of each and every moment of the day. The camera is always in hand as the spontaneous opening of that perfect gift, the interaction among siblings, the smiles of beautiful grandchildren, are flashes of time meant to be captured. 

But a tradition that began a few years ago has become a must for me too. Each year, my adult children and their 'new' families are posed before the tree for their annual portraits— like it or not. 

Generally, I've been pleased with the final results; after all, I  obviously can't imagine more photogenic subjects. However,  this year I've been wondering if there may be some tips that will perhaps help perfect the practice.  So, here are some sites I found explaining how to pose picture-perfect family portraits:

DPS Posing Guide for Photographing Groups of People

Improve Photography Posing Tips for Group Portraits

photofocus How to Pose Groups

Ultimate Photo Tips Family Portrait Poses

The Portrait Photographer

Photography Concentrate Stress-Free Posing: Family


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