Photoshop Effects for Your Christmas Projects

I've spent a lot of time over the years, in columns and blogs, challenging people to try and personalize Christmas by creating projects of their own.

It's a great idea, I believe it firmly.  But there's a bit of irony here. I'm neither particularly creative, nor crafty.  Kind of been a handy excuse to not practise what I preach.

Technology, of course,  is making this a bit more difficult. Ideas and tutorials abound on websites, so being able to find a project to suit your style, your time and your level of expertise is quite likely.  From gift tags to enhancing your holiday decor there are a variety of DIYs you can work on, with step by step assistance online, that will put the personal touch on your Christmas.

Being hands-on these days needn't mean you have to be handy with a glue gun either. Creating unique and fun projects with Photoshop is  another great option.  Here are just a few sites I found to guide you step by step on your way to putting your personal touch on Christmas:

Smashing Magazine 60 Christmas Photoshop Tutorials

eHow Tech Photoshop Christmas Text Effects

PSDFanExtra Frantastically Festive Photoshop Tutorials


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