Saluting Small-Business Owners

Another work week begins.  For some, this means time spent  in the stressful environment of the corporate or cubicle world,  putting in your time for high-power executives.  Others, however, have found greater satisfaction in the independence of ownership.

Once upon a time,  small mom-and-pop businesses were abundant, dotting the commercial landscape and holding on like winter in the Snowbelt.  Now owning your own modest operation comes with many challenges that can make success difficult to attain.   While there's a certain freedom attached to building your own enterprise, making it work typically means logging long hours on your own.  With competition from the big-box stores,  a struggling economy,  small markets and the burden of shouldering the responsibility, it is sometimes easier, or sadly even necessary, to just give up.

There are many, though, who not only hang on, but thrive. They are good news for people who still like that old-time feeling of knowing the people they deal with.  Below is a photo collection to salute those with the drive and tenacity to keep going,  as well as some tips for the holiday season. Small Business Photo Collection

Globe and Mail Holiday Season Smarts for Small Businesses


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