Some Winter Sports Photos

I love my morning walk to work. The fresh air, and occasionally sunshine, help to clear the mind in preparation for the day. Even a damp drizzle or winter's bluster can't alter the fact that I find getting myself moving outdoors is invigorating.

Sadly, besides some uphill climbs on a treadmill during breaks, this is about the only exercise I get. While I've never been a sporty girl and would rather lift books than weights, I do know the benefits of regular exercise.  The real problem, however, seems to be time.  I'm not a morning person so rising any earlier to exert myself simply isn't happening. And by the time I get home, prepare supper, clean up and digest, I am done with the day. I want nothing more than to curl up in my jammies to read or watch a mind-numbing TV show.

Throw snow and cold into the equation and a brisk walk to work is about all the outdoor time I need.  It's a different story though for the hardy winter-sports enthusiasts in these photo  collections: Winter Sports Photos

Acclaim Images Winter Sports Photos

ClickArt Online Winter Sports Collection

Winter Sports Photos


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