Valentine's Photo Collections for the Romantic in You

It's difficult to believe that in just over a week, Christmas 2012 will be a month in the past. What follows has always been a challenge for me. After celebrating one of the most exciting, blessed, happiest holiday seasons, comes nothing but... well, nothing.

You guessed it. Winter's not my favourite season. Bitter cold, mounds of snow, challenging travel and short days  may be alright for some, but I'm not a fan.  However, living in what is referred to as the Snowbelt, I've learned to make the best of it, finding my pleasures where I can.

So it is that at this time of year I'm all about Valentine's Day.  I mean really, unless you like to ski or snowmobile, what else is there? And if you think about it there is something about cold winter nights that goes hand in hand with the theme of romance. Cocooning at home by the comfort of a crackling fire, drinks in hand, your honey beside you, as winter rages outside, is about as good as it gets.  A bouquet of colourful flowers brightens a dreary day, while dinner à deux with flickering candlelight and soft music are guaranteed to make you forget how cold it is outside.

So, in an attempt to warm up winter just a bit, here are two photo collections all about love and romance: Love and Romance Photo Collection

Acclaim Images Love and Romance


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