A Photographic Homage to Cats

As a dog lover, I've never quite understood a preference for feline pets.  It's not that I harbour any real dislike for cats; I'm just more captivated by the dog,  an animal known for being loyal and loving.

Now before the cat people get their whiskers in a knot,  please note that having had both cats and dogs I do have some experience.  The last dog I owned, while a dominant, high-strung animal, would, I say with certainty, have laid down her life for me. With illness forcing us to say goodbye to her two years ago, the thought of replacing her is still abhorrent to me. Never owned a cat that gave me that feeling.

In fairness to felines though,  I should add that  I also had a beautiful tabby named Remington who was dreadfully loving. His untimely and unfortunate demise, however, was followed by the arrival of the cool, detached KC, who concluded early that she was far superior to her human family.  She was the last cat to enter my home, though I do boast three grand-cats. All of these are entertaining souls with unique personalities, but not what I'd call loyal and loving.

However, Albert Schweitzer, a far wiser person than I'll ever be, once said that "there are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats." I know my two daughters would agree and I've always had nothing but respect for their opinions.  They would tell me about the cat's soul and spirit, of its amusing antics and peppy playfulness, of it's acrobatic skill and agility.  They would tell me about the cuddles on cold winter evenings, the soothing soft purring. They would tell me that their cats are as much a part of their life as my dogs have been mine.

So to all those who love their felines here's a photographic homage to their best friend:

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