Collections of Images of Children Playing and Having Fun

It had been one of those winter days that makes you think of snuggling up with a good book and cup of cocoa. Having headed outside for a bit of fresh air in the morning, I was content for the remainder of the day to pass the time in cozy comfort inside.

Then as dusk began its gentle fall, a wonderful winter picture was exposed to me, framed through my kitchen window. A soft but persistent snow, the kind that's heavy with moisture and perfect for packing, had transformed our outside world into a very a pretty place indeed.

And taking full advantage were our neighbour children, who, with help from Mom, were putting the finishing touches on an elaborate snow fort. Imposing in size and ambitious in design, illuminated impressively by a dusk to dawn light at the end of the drive,  it stood as a monument to childhood and to the pleasures found in the simple things.  It was a nice reminder too, that it's not all about video games, YouTube and computers for kids today.

Here are some collections of images showing there are still many good old ways for youngsters to have fun: Children at Play Illustrations

Acclaim Images Children Play Collection

ClipartGuide Children Playing Collection

TOONClipart Children Having Fun


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