So Nice to See Winter — in Pictures

"It's so nice to see winter."

This was the greeting I received from an acquaintance as I trudged my way through a carpet of fresh snow enroute to work this morning.  This person would be a peer, my age and interested in the same type of quiet pastimes I enjoy.  Also, to my knowledge she wasn't eagerly awaiting winter so she could strap on skis or climb on a snowmobile. 

So I was stupefied. So much so, the only comeback I could offer was a rather lame, "You think so?"  Had I not been running a tad late I would have taken some time to stop and learn more about why and how she could possibly have responded in the affirmative.

Sure, we had experienced a sluggish start to the season, little snow and mild temperatures. As that seemed perfect to me, I assumed it was for most others too.  So what, I pondered as I continued by, could possibly make anyone feel this was better? Despite gloves and a long, cozy coat, my fingers and legs were feeling the bite of this frosty morning. Winter dries my skin and hair, puts a perpetual ache in my bones and gloom in my mood.  The lack of sun can make climbing under heavy blankets at night the highlight of the day.

The only conclusion I could make is that some people just really love how winter transforms the landscape around us. And even I have to admit it can be downright pretty. Sunlight sparkling on frosted trees against the backdrop of a clear azure sky, or footprints cutting though a pristine blanket of white are indeed beautiful images.

So, if the world of winter is something you like to see, or if you need an image for your special project here are some great links: Winter Landscape Photos

Acclaim Images Winter Photos

National Geographic Patterns in Nature: Snow and Ice

National Geographic Winter in the U.S.


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