Taking Great Portrait Photos

When our daughter was married a few years ago, the photographer she hired was noted for his wonderful candid shots. With a weekend destination wedding planned, having someone on scene who was able to be in the moment when that moment happened,  seemed sensible.

As it is with sports and action photography being at the right place at the right time with the camera ready is not a talent every photographer possesses. And there was no question when the results were finally shown that this guy had that talent — in spades. His candid shots were amazing.

What was interesting, though, was the quality of his portraits.  It was fascinating to me that while he was right there ready when one of the guests capsized a canoe,  and caught it in perfect focus and exposure, frame by frame,  he couldn't quite capture the same perfection in a posed photo of individuals or groups. Though the technical aspects of photography were perfect in his formal shots, the poses and little details that can improve a portrait were only a few steps above what an amateur might achieve.

It proved to me that being a great portrait photographer can be as elusive to some as getting action-packed shots is to others.  As anyone who's tried to get their family together looking composed, but not too much so, will know,  finding a way to set people up without having them look stiff and formal isn't easy.

These informative sites with tips for perfect portraiture that I found may be some help:

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