Taking Perfect Baby Pictures

Everybody's getting a lot of email these days, from messages from friends and family, to promotions you foolishly signed up for, to unwanted spam.  But, no matter how much checking my inbox may seem like a full-time job, there's always one that lightens the spirit as assuredly as a burst of sunshine on a rainy day.

My newest little granddaughter lives far enough way that seeing that precious face often, happens only because of the photos my daughter emails me.  Seeing her address ensures this will be a welcome message, but then clicking on it to discover a picture of our girl's latest adventure or expression is better than any tonic for lifting the spirits. From the first messy bowl of pablum to a tour of the yard in her new sled,  the photographic documentation of her life somewhat lessens the craving for cuddles until we can see her personally.

Babies rarely take a bad picture. Those  innocent faces are always winners and every move they make tends to be pretty darn precious. However, trying to get a good photograph of them isn't without its challenges. For example when it comes to smiles our Little Miss, far more interested than amused when she sees the camera, really makes you work for them.  Also, if you're looking for that perfect pose, babies aren't usually the most co-operative of models.

So, what can you do to get a perfect picture of the picture perfect?  Here are some tips and tricks from experts:

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