Valentine's Day Photoshop Tutorials

I like holidays. Not just the ones that give you an extended break, but any of those annual days we celebrate for various reasons. The meaning behind them can range from the historically significant to frivolous;  the importance placed on them can mean a day off work or simple acknowledgement.

The first special day following the New Year is an example of the aforementioned frivolous as we wait with baited breath on Feb. 2 to see if Punxsutawney Phil in Pennsylvania and Wiarton Willie in Wiarton, Ontario, along with their colleagues across North America see their shadows or predict an early spring.  It's the only time we pray for a cloudy day.

Shortly after this we enjoy Family Day in parts of Canada, which provides us with an extended weekend to be with those we love. Then a few days later we come to Valentine's Day.  No vacation for this one, but surely one of the most touted occasions. 

Legend has it that during Saint Valentine's imprisonment for ministering to Christians and conducting illegal marriage ceremonies in 270 AD, he healed a jailer's daughter. It was to her, that prior to his execution he wrote in a farewell, "From your Valentine".

By the early 15 Century the day had evolved into a romantic holiday where lovers expressed their devotion through various methods. Today our messages of love are traditionally delivered via romantic dinners, greeting cards, candies and flowers.

People often find unique ways to show their romantic side, too. Photoshop offers a number of Valentine-themed tutorials perfect for creating everything from greeting cards to romantic text and wallpaper.  Here's a sampling of what you can find through a Google search:

DZINEBLOG Love Photoshop With Valentine Design Tutorials

HONGKIAT.COM Valentine's Day Design

Noupe Valentine's Day Photoshop Tutorials

Digital Photo Guide Valentine's Day Photo Card 15 Valentine's Day Photoshop Tutorials 


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