Winter Elements and Backgrounds for Scrapbooking

I love an uncluttered life. Yet, despite a Libra's inclination towards organization, I have not thrown myself into the scrapbooking craze, sorting photos and creating albums for each and every significant occasion in my life. 

While collecting photographic memories may be an interest of mine, compiling them into unique mementos apparently isn't.  It's not that I don't love the finished product; I guess I'm just not devoted enough to the hobby to find the time.

That said, I have indulged in a little artistic sorting  having made a scrapbook a few years ago. A special friend had passed away suddenly.  She was very close to our then, quite young, grandson, so the scrapbook was intended to help him remember. It was also therapeutic for me. And being so emotionally involved in the project kept me focused.

One of the aspects of the craft I most enjoyed was finding backgrounds and elements online to enhance my project. Though in this particular case it was generally all about daisies, butterflies and sunshine, there were times when I needed to spice up the photos with a little winter seasoning.  Here are some cool collections that do just that: Winter Elements and Backgrounds

Acclaim Images Winter Backgrounds

Clipart Guide Winter Backgrounds

ClickArt Online Winter Elements and Backgrounds


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