A Country Collection of Illustrations

When it came to home decor, a friend of mine several years ago had the quaint country look down to an art form. Her century-old home was a homage to a more simple aesthetic, charmingly appealing, warm and cozy.  Cluttered with folk art and rustic knickknacks it always felt like the kind of place you could come in, put your feet up and enjoy an easy night of excellent hospitality.

Over time, of course, times and tastes change and never one to miss the trends she has gradually moved away from the folksy to a more French country design. Her home then was lovely and still is. But I rather miss that charming country cottage vibe.

While I never quite bought into the whole country theme for my home even when it was the bandwagon of choice; there is a knack to achieving it well and I wasn't sure I had it;  I was definitely attracted to the style. And my eye is still drawn to that rustic appeal.  There's something very welcoming about the look and the elements that go into creating it. 

So when I'm faced with a design choice of some kind other than home decor, whatever the project, given images that are vintage, Victorian, contemporary, traditional or folksy, it will be the latter I am attracted to. Though I often have to grudgingly accept that they may not be right choice for what I'm working on and move on.

So for those of like mind here's an adorable collection of folksy illustrations. They're sure to enchant anybody who still likes a little country in their life: 

iCLIPART.com Country Collection


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