Cruise to Warm Places With These Photos

Well, one more dumping of fresh snow has me dreaming of setting sail to sunny climes in paradise.

With a few weeks of certain winter remaining for the northern regions, no matter how optimistic we try to be about the season's departure, there's still plenty of time to enjoy a cruise on open seas with stops at tropical destinations.

My son worked on a ship for several months as part of the entertainment crew one year and while it didn't leave him yearning for a sailor's life, there's no denying he enjoyed the experience. It took him to beautiful places where sun and fun are the priority.

Though I'm not a big traveller I'd have to say a cruise is probably on my bucket list — certainly at this point after getting snowed on yet again. Pictures of floating on azure waters, coming into port in places where clear skies, sandy beaches and palm trees are the norm fill my head these days. 

Such pleasurable images of ships and the places they take us are sometimes enough on their own to chase away the winter doldrums.  If I let my imagination go I can, for a brief time feel the warmth on my skin, absorb myself in the calm and quiet.

Let's see if this photo collection has the same effect on you. Cruise Ships and Tropical Destinations Photos Tropical Cruises Photos

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