For Valentine's Day: Photos of Seniors in Love

Today,  while walking to work, I met a local senior leaving the grocery store with a bouquet of flowers. It quite simply warmed my heart to see that after 50 years of marriage he was still intent on showing his sweetheart that she still is his sweetheart. 

We often think of romance and passion being associated with youth, and I, being at that mid-point in life, recognize that younger people don't generally think of older people when they consider romantic couples. 

But, what I've come to see is that love often gets much sweeter, more enduring as we get older. By your senior years, assuming you're in a healthy relationship, you boast levels of trust, familiarity and friendship that can only be attained in time.  It has taken hard work,  understanding and a commitment to succeed.  All, of course, while keeping love and romance alive with your best friend. 

Many say it was never intended that people would live this long, thus be committed to a monogamous relationship for umpteen decades. Monogamy, they maintain, is not normal for human beings.  Yet  I know plenty of older couples who can't imagine a life with anyone else, and for whom that life remains as passionate and romantic as in the beginning.

So for this Valentine's Day, here are some photo collections honouring love that lasts. Loving Seniors Photo Collection Seniors in Love Photos


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