Illustrations to Take You Away From Reality

Life has a way of making you forget the magic. Worn out from work and other outside pressures, besides seeing too many of the world's rougher edges on a day-to-day basis,  can make happily ever after a little hard to believe.

As anything else in life, however, how much we let it get to us, how jaded we let it make us is entirely up to us.  With a little imagination and a little bit of the idealist in your makeup it's not so hard to keep some enchantment going.

I'm a bit of a princess, which, besides translating into me being a tad high maintenance, also defines me as a romantic. I do believe in happily ever after, Santa Claus and leprechauns. It was my great pleasure to read fairy tales to my babies, and now theirs. I love the idea of a magical forest where spirits dance,  knights slay dragons,  princes save princesses from palaces,  and evil sorcerers are always vanquished.  There's certainly nothing wrong with taking yourself away from the real world now and then.

And these collections of images take you away to enchanting places and to the mythical, magical people who live in them. Mythical Collection Mythical Illustrations

Acclaim Images Fairy Tale Collection

ClipartGuide Fairty Tale Illustrations


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