The Beauty of Waterfalls in Photos

You don't have to be a nature lover to appreciate nature. Even the most die-hard of urbanites, more comfortable among concrete and crowds, has to recognize the pristine beauty in green spaces,  majestic mountains and lush forests.  Stepping away from the busy into the quiet is sure to bring an 'ah' moment.

Several years ago, while visiting our daughter at her new home,  she mentioned she had a treat in store for us. Living in a charming neighbourhood of large treed lots just minutes away from an industrial city, she had the best of both worlds. What we didn't know was exactly how good it was. 

We set out on our little adventure walking the rolling roads of the neighbourhood before entering a spacious conservation area, a short jaunt from her house. "How nice", I remarked, to which she replied that I hadn't seen anything yet.

Shortly after, we found ourselves looking down a steep slope at a series of well over 75 natural and man-made steps.  Finally reaching the bottom we looked around and discovered the effort had been worth it. This was a paradise.  Surrounded by rocky facades we had stepped into a verdant space of trees and wildflowers. The highlight, however, was the waterfall cascading down the side.

There may be nothing more stunning to me in nature than that of water rushing literally off the edge of the earth.  No matter their size waterfalls hold power and beauty in equal portion.

We took our time enjoying the space that day, touring, trekking and taking pictures. But, mostly we sat, truly in awe of the beauty around us.

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