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Clipart Image of a Single DaffodilThere is probably nothing in the world that says spring like the sunny daffodil.

From the first glimpse of them poking out of the soil, to the lovely hue of full bloom, these cheery yellow flowers exemplify all the good stuff about the coming season. They are among the first harbingers of the warming temperatures, the advent of colour in our gardens and a sign of rebirth and rejuvenation.

After a long, dark, dreary winter, it's exhilarating to spy the first shoots sprouting from the dark, rich soil. Once that happens, we know that within a short time petals of sunshine will open to transform the mood and spirit of the world around them.

Also, like the return of the robins, the daffodils' bloom reminds us that the days of cold and snow are mostly behind us.

Clipart Image of Old Man Winter
There's still a bit of time to wait, of course, before the daffodils have their day. Winter hangs on and for anyone who might have doubted that, you need only have spent the past week in our corner of the world. Blustery winds, blowing snow and a chill dampness were like a collection of bratty kids showing up to ruin the day with  nasty temperament and bad behaviour.

For this reason, we are pretty tickled waking up to a morning such as today's. Just a few days before spring's highly-anticipated official arrival, it was , despite a lingering nip in the air,  an otherwise gorgeous sunny morning, topped by an invigorating blue sky with nary a cloud in sight. Today, we can feel hopeful that Old Man Winter has taken his mischievous offspring and gone away. Even knowing that he has a habit of staying at the party a bit too long, every day from here on in depletes his enthusiasm for bluster. 

Such a morning is restorative. We feel spring's imminent arrival. The heating sun is making short work of the lingering snow on the roads, while icicles melt in streams from the eaves.  We know the first daffodil buds will be popping up soon, like children eager to greet a new day.  For those tired of winter, you couldn't help but feel hopeful that it won't belong before the landscape is graced by gardens of the perky flowers.

It's little wonder that the Cancer Society chose this early bloom as the symbol for its annual campaign. Since the April kick-off is only a few weeks away, since this horrible illness has touched the lives of virtually everyone, either through the loss of a loved one or having been stricken themselves, we wanted to celebrate this emblem as a representation of hope and life.

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