Photos of Active Seniors for Wellderly Week

It's Wellderly Week,  recognizing senior citizens who never act their age.

As a self-proclaimed prophet for the 45-plus group, Canadian media mogul Moses Znaimer has founded a "New Vision of Aging" — the Zoomer phenomenon. In addition to championing the rights and interests of what he felt was the under-served 15.1 million in this demographic, Znaimer and his mission has put a positive spin on getting older, while debunking misconceptions.  In the words of Dylan Thomas, when it comes to aging,  Znaimer would have us not "go gentle into that dark night".

In this New Vision of Aging,  the word senior and rocker has nothing to do with furniture. This is a generation  prepared to live life to its fullest from 45 years of age and far beyond. Limits are only there if people set them. Of course, there are always exceptions but in the Zoomer age, today's seniors are vital, active and far healthier than those that went before them.  Any doubts just check out these photo collections Active Seniors Active Seniors

Acclaim Images Photos of Active Seniors


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