Photos of Fun in the Sun

So, today is the first day of spring — officially. And several weeks ago, a certain underground rodent in this area had actually predicted the season would arrive early. 

Yet this morning, we look out the window at an accumulation of snow to rival what we had all winter, more falling and more projected to fall over the next several days.  It's enough to make you weep.

As someone who struggles to see the best in winter, this slow start to the next season is definitely disappointing.  Of course, when it comes to Mother Nature we take what we get, so while I'd love to stamp my feet and rage it's more sensible to accept that this is one 'parent' unlikely to give in to my tantrum. The promise of spring is just beneath this snowy white surface and as any child has been told, all good things are worth waiting for. And so I must, one day at a time bringing me closer to a tiny blade of grass, a budding flower and my first robin pecking at the earth in search of food.

In the meantime, though, I thought it might be soothing to live vicariously through these photos of people having fun in the sun. If your worn-out winter soul could use some warming too, please enjoy. Photos of People Having Fun in the Sun Fun in the Sun Photos

Acclaim Images Summer Fun Photos


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